October 19, 2021

Leadership is seeing the better solution

You’ll see from a few posts ago that we were having major issues with our online shopping cart. Our design division director was working hard to learn what he needed to learn to create a working shopping cart that enforced our brand. Try as he did, programming is not his focus by profession. He is a good programmer, but his heart lies in design. Persistent and wanting to get it right, he continued to bang his head against the wall, going round and round to solve problems that kept popping up. When it began affecting our clients, we had to stop playing around and resolve the issue. A little bit of investigating opened our eyes to the variety of shopping cart software available on the market. We solved all of our problems in one fell swoop and even added several features we had not considered. And, to boot, it was highly cost effective. Here we were so blinded by trying to get it right, that we failed to just raise our heads high enough to look around and realize that there were other companies out there completely devoted to solving our problem. How funny that we were being stubborn and trying to figure it out ourselves. Sometimes, leadership is the ability to pick your head out of the trench and look for an alternative solution.


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