September 23, 2021

Leadership is calling a spade a spade

The buck stops with the leader. Ultimately, they are accountable for the performance of the entire system.  When something is not working, people often make excuses or  avoid taking responsibility and just try to push through, typically leading to further delays in productivity and to results. This is not a luxury the leader has. So to maintain the integrity of the system, a leader often has to point out the company’s standards that are not being met and enforce a solution, or at least motivate another leader within the system to generate a solution and be accountable to the results. When a system is in overwhelm, standards often tend to decline rather quickly as people rush through their processes, and it is imperative that the leader step in, assist with solving the overwhelm and then reset the standards and a new course of action. Recognizing that standards are dropping and engaging staff in the conversation about solutions happens from the top down.

Where do you set your standards?

How do you hold your team accountable?

Do you step in when you see standards not being upheld?

What is your process to resolve such an issue?


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