September 23, 2021

Can This Dude Make Microsoft Cool?

I don’t know, but Alex Bogusky sure is sexy.

My copy of FAST Company arrived yesterday, and this is the cover (look to the right.) The article is so worth the read, as a Gen Y quotes “He looked like Jesus” and Alex Bogusky, who has been an Apple evangelist running an ad shop using Apple products admits in front of the entire Microsoft population that “I once farted on production for a Gap spot.”

He’s the guy who can make your brand cool or the magician who can strip your cool away (he did the “Truth” campaigns for stopping smoking.) He is the genius behind the new Burger King campaign (and I think the Burger King character is ridiculous, but you know what…I have been to Burger King twice in the last month, and I don’t really “do” fast food…I am a grilled chicken sandwich junkie, and the BK ads have been burned in my brain.)

So, if he can do it, I am going to love it! I do love a windows computer, but my new laptop with Vista totally sucks. I also love Macs (in love with them), but there are things on Windows that I do want, so let’s see if his hip view and creative streak can get this company back to the icon it once was. And…at least I get to look at him for a while…he is great looking.

Person Alex Bogusky

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