October 19, 2021

How do I engage people for longer than 20 minutes in the mission I am trying to achieve in my company?

I have found that many company mission statements are very long, difficult and boring, and many leaders will use that company mission statement as an attempt to try to inspire people. But the key here is to get people fully engaged in a mission that is exciting and that lines up with not only your customers’ values but your employees’ values. Getting people engaged in your mission statement is just like having a powerful marketing engine. If you want to be successful in marketing, you have to keep things simple and then sell a solution to a pain that the buyer is feeling, to their desires, needs and wants. So, when it comes to getting people engaged in your mission, it is important to make the mission super simple and then go to your constituents one by one, getting their buy-in using the pains, desires and needs of that person as a pitching point. At the same time, in today’s workforce, people have to know that the work they are doing is meaningful and is helping change the world in some way. This is why companies like Google are so successful. The employees say that they are inspired by meaningful work and a company that is dedicated to changing the world for the better.

When getting people to engage in your company mission, consider the following:

1) Keep your mission simple. Disney’s mission to make people happy meets the needs of not only theme-park visitors but employees around the world. Happy employees make for happy customers, and the Disney team knows that this is the mission that permeates every decision made.

2) Answer the question “Why are you in business in the first place?” Did you go into business to have more freedom, to be more creative, to help people become healthier, wealthier or wiser? Answer this question, and let your customers and employees know exactly why you are here/why they are here.

3) How can you deliver extraordinary service? Your mission statement should in some way let both your customers and employees know that you are doing everything in your power to be quick, deliver outstanding quality and to deliver a true experience that will be rewarding. Employees will be much more engaged if they know that work is fun, exciting and educational.

4) Consider the type of relationship you want to develop with both your customers and employees. Do you want mutual respect, collaboration or teamwork? Spend time with your employees discussing how to design the relationship so that your company’s mission is achieved.

5) What are your core values and philosophies about life? Have you shared these with your customers and employees? If not, then it’s time to do it by including your beliefs in life in the description of your mission statement. If your goal is to “make people happy”, then why is that important?

6) Get your employees involved in discussing your mission statement. Hold open forums and town hall meetings to get the juices flowing.

7) Use words that “sizzle.” By using the word happy, excited, or inspired, you touch an emotional chord with people, and as we know, emotions can get people engaged in a deep way in your company.

Like anything in business, developing a short, simple mission statement takes time. By giving some thought to the above questions, developing a great mission statement that meets the above and then getting your employees involved in it, you will find that work is much more fulfilling and joyful…and that’s what we all want…to be happy!

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