December 11, 2017

Gen Y Is Going To Need Financial Guidance More Than Most

There is a great article on Marketing Daily today about Gen Y and their future needs for financial advice.

I am most concerned about our rising tuition costs and the amount of student debt college kids are accumulating. They enter adulthood with 25,000 on up to $200,000.00 in student debt, and they struggle for years just to make ends meet. Then, to add to this, many are not receiving the financial support and counseling they need at a time when it is so critical. Parents and educators can help by teaching their children about saving and investing. As I always say “Save and invest early and often.” If you invest $50.00 per month for your child for 18 years, this can add up to a healthy savings for college. This $50.00 is about 12 trips to Starbucks each month.

For the Gen Y’s who need advice, I highly recommend David Bach’s work. It is spot on!

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