January 28, 2022

Gen Y Is Going To Need Financial Guidance More Than Most

There is a great article on Marketing Daily today about Gen Y and their future needs for financial advice.

I am most concerned about our rising tuition costs and the amount of student debt college kids are accumulating. They enter adulthood with 25,000 on up to $200,000.00 in student debt, and they struggle for years just to make ends meet. Then, to add to this, many are not receiving the financial support and counseling they need at a time when it is so critical. Parents and educators can help by teaching their children about saving and investing, which you can do by learning about Online Investments so you can make profit in a short time. As I always say “Save and invest early and often.” If you invest $50.00 per month for your child for 18 years, this can add up to a healthy savings for college. This $50.00 is about 12 trips to Starbucks each month.

For the Gen Y’s who need advice, I highly recommend David Bach’s work. It is spot on!

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