January 28, 2022

Younger Workers More Likely to Break Corporate Rules for Web Apps

Nice article in CIO recently about Gen Y’s use of web applications at work and the potential security risks involved.

I agree with what Penelope Trunk has to say: “People can pick up the phone and read corporate memos to competitors, but businesses certainly couldn’t survive without a phone,” she says. That same type of logic can be used to show the benefits of younger workers. Without them, businesses would have a harder time keeping up with the pace as technology changes around them, so the argument against Web 2.0 use is “ridiculous,” she says.

I believe that over the next few years, Gen Y is going to move our business networking online anyway. The article even stated that “When asked whether they feel entitled to use whatever application/device/technology they would like, regardless of source or corporate IT policies, 69 percent of Millennials said “yes” (only 31 percent of “other” workers’ fell into this category)”.

In my opinion, Millennials are going to be using the platforms anyway outside of work, and many work from home. Many organizations are actually forming an internal Gen Y task force to look at how to start using web apps in the most efficient and effective manner (many are using Facebook for networking and Second Life for training purposes). Those companies who embrace web apps as an opportunity to grow the business are going to come out ahead..

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