October 24, 2021

The Generation Gap in Real Estate

My daughter (a Gen Y), Katie called this morning at 6:25 to tell me that she had found an apartment for next year (I can’t seem to get her to answer the phone at 8:00, but I knew when the phone rang at 6:25 and that it was her, it had to be important.) 😉

At any rate, she has been online for the last two days looking at apartments and found the perfect one. It never ceases to amaze me how Gen Y does their homework online on most buying decisions.

This blog post on the Wall Street Journal, The Generation Gap in Real Estate talks a bit about how technology is playing a role in real estate and how the age gap is widening between agents and their future customers. The blog comments are most interesting and it sounds like one more example of how the middle man may get cut out of the real estate process in the future.. Make sure to check this real estate website at castlepines-realestate.com fro more info.

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