October 24, 2021

McDonald’s Gets Quite Clever

I have to admit that I am impressed with a few of the clever ads McDonald’s has been using recently to get with the times. To me, these ads seem to be targeting Millennials.

They have a new billboard that invites you to “sort your head out” using a puzzle that challenges you to sort out the model’s head and invites you to purchase their large coffee. As we know, Gen Y loves a challenging experience.

The other two focus on the 24/7 drive-through feature (big for Gen Y) and a clever ad enticing you in the door by letting you know Wi-Fi is now available.

And, finally, they are now offering a singing contest for the restaurant crew and managers.

Now…if we can just get them to cut back on the grease.

Check all out on trendhunter.com. .

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