November 30, 2021

Generation Y Bloggers Respond To NYT Article About Blogging Dangers on The Schiff Report

Jacci Schiff solicited some great feedback from a few Gen Y bloggers about the recent New York Times article: In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop,

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My take: Using the words “digital-era sweatshop” is a bit over the top to me. Bloggers choose to blog…they are not forced into labor. I read about the 3 incidents of coronary problems related to deaths. There could be a dozen other factors involved (would like to know about their genetic predisposition to heart disease). Having said this, medical research shows that sitting for long periods of time without activity increases a person’s risk for developing blood clots. We can all use breaks from our work that get the blood flowing.

At any rate, great article with lots of food for thought..

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