January 28, 2022

Gen Y’s Credo: Connectivity

This article on Gen Y connecting on Facebook has sparked quite a bit of chatter about online social networking and its uses and potential misuses.

I believe that this is an opportunity to look at how we can actually leverage Facebook to get to answers more quickly. While I understand the concerns about misusing Facebook to share notes for an exam or to exchange test answers, we have to understand that Gen Y knows how to use these tools when Boomers and even some Gen Xers don’t know the first thing about how to use online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Second Life to improve social capital and as a way to enhance learning and development. My perspective on this is that most Boomers are afraid to use these tools (it is easy to be afraid of something you don’t know how to use).

These tools are SO easy to use, and I believe the benefits far outweigh the risks. We just need to open up the discussion and look at how to use these platforms to our advantage. If Senator Obama (who launched his campaign on You Tube and has a strong presence on Facebook) and IBM (who is using Second Life for training and block parties) can find a way to use these tools in an effective way, why can’t everyone else?


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