October 24, 2021

Gen Y Workplace Demands Can Help You Retain Boomers On The Verge of Retirement

This blog post Gen Y Workplace Demands Can Help You Retain Boomers On The Verge of Retirement on CollegeRecruiter.com offers a concise but fresh perspective on Gen Y’s demands in the workplace..

The independent living in austin has the desire for flexibility, teamwork and fun are some of the same values that can keep boomers in the door.

As I am going around the county, I am answering the same question about “Why do we need to change…this sounds like pandering to Gen Y?” I just disagree with this question…which comes across as a negative comment.

Each time we usher a new generation into the workforce, the way work is done and the values at play are going to change. Each generation has a different world view, which shapes their values. So, we can either change to adapt to the largest workforce (Gen Y), or they will change it for us over the next few years.

I also believe that Gen Y is getting a few things right here. As humans, we need more flex time. People are burned out from working 60 hours a week. We need a rewards and recognition program…humans are craving acknowledgement, and they just don’t seem to get enough pats on the back. We need better team communication…it will save us so much time, money and energy. We need more fun and laughter…fun reduces stress, and we are all way too uptight as it is (just look around at all of the analysis paralysis and need for perfection…it is just ridiculous!)

So…rather than look at Gen Y’s requests as pandering, let’s look at the bigger picture…how can our lives and work be more satisfying by shifting to meet the needs of Gen Y? I think that we would all be much happier if we stopped whining and started implementing a few of their ideas. They are our future! It’s time to start working with Gen Y and stop resisting their efforts..

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