October 24, 2021

Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Generation Y

As I am traveling around the country speaking to companies and conferences about Gen Y, a question keeps popping up

How do I prevent my Gen Y workers from becoming bored and restless?

My response to this question is this “Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of Gen Y”. Let me explain.

Generation Y is the most entrepreneurial generation in history. It is not uncommon for members of Gen Y to be working full time for an organization while running a small business or a non-profit organization outside of work. Most Gen Y’s will tell you that they see themselves in 2 careers: One that is working for a company or for their own business and one that allows them the time to give back to their community.

The need for flexible work hours, the ability to work from home and the opportunity to work as a community volunteer during the work week will increase as Gen Y tries to balance a full time job with their own social and entrepreneurial interests. Employers who embrace this entrepreneurial spirit, help to cultivate it and support Gen Y in having their own business and giving back to their local and greater community will be much more competitive than employers who don’t embrace this notion. These opportunities can expand a company’s internal and external network and new ideas will be born as Gen Y brings their best practices from their own life back to your organization.

We are certainly in an era that embraces the free agent. Your company can grow by leaps and bounds by teaching young talent about how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, one which focuses on not just working for your company but ON the company…on its growth and development. By getting Gen Y involved in creative ideas for growing your company, you will find that they are much more invested in your mission and in the long-term success for your company.

If you have not read A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink, I highly recommend it as required reading for everyone in your company. Give it out to your Gen Y employees the first day on the job, ask them to read it, and then sit down with them to find out what ideas they have that will spark creativity for your team. You might just be surprised at what you come up with.

Millennial Leaders.

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