October 19, 2021

Boomers Planting a Debt Bomb

“The biggest U.S. financial crisis isn’t the housing crunch. It’s the government debt bomb being planted by baby boomers to explode in the faces of their children and grandchildren.”

This is an interesting article in the Baltimore Sun.

It really has given me a great deal to think about. We have certainly created quite a challenge that Gen Y will inherit (along with trying to pay off defaulted student loan, pay for healthcare, housing and the escalating price of food and fuel). The article points to our $9 trillion in debt, which is going to leave us with very little resources to address our major concerns surrounding healthcare and education, that’s why so many people has decided to go to Short term loans financial companies to get economical help from sites like nation21loans.com.

We need to get on this today! Start getting involved and doing your part to help out.  Contact your political leaders, and by all means…if you think a certain candidate can help the economy, please get out and vote in your primaries and for the national election. I don’t believe it’s fair for us to just sit and do nothing and let Gen Y carry the burden for us..

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