January 28, 2022

Young Binghamton Entrepreneurs on Award Streak

If you are reading this blog, we encourage you to vote for Arel and Bert. These guys are amazing (and are featured in Millennial Leaders):

Binghamton University Alumni Arel Moodie (24) and Bert Gervais (23) are founders of The Place Finder LLC. An idea spawned from their personal frustrations, the class project for an off-campus housing website, www.placefinder.com, was catapulted into a full-fledge business by winning Binghamton University‘s 2004 Business Plan Competition.

Now the company is in the running to win “best idea” from ideablob.com‘s monthly $10,000 grand-prize competition. Moodie and Gervais are calling for a movement to get votes from the public to win by showing the power of a community. Please go to this link to vote!

Moodie and Gervais began their undergraduate careers as Politic Science and History majors, both looking to enter law school after graduation. Then, while having a difficult time finding off-campus housing, the unlikely entrepreneurs came up with a solution they knew would help other students in the same situation. Fueled by entrepreneurial passion, they decided to switch gears and pursue placefinder.com full time after graduation.

Despite being denied loans by banks because of youth, lack of assets, and inexperience, Moodie and Gervais kept the company afloat through a 4-year winning streak of entrepreneurial contests since 2004. They have used the winnings from these contest to help them fund the growth of placefinder.com.

Why this is relevant:

Now at a critical juncture in their startup where they must sink or win, they are tasked with trying to win a “best idea” competition from www.ideablob.com. Moodie and Gervais plan to use the prize to enhance the website with new features such as a “neighborhood rating system” for college towns and increase marketing. With so many people interested in starting businesses, this is a great story to show creative ways for startups to get funding. To win the competition the duo needs to get the most possible votes between now and March 31st, 2008 voters can to go to placefinder.com and click the vote link on the home page.


“Who ever thinks that you can’t fund a business because of lack of opportunity has not explored all of the options out there. If you can generate genuine exitement about your business idea, then you are well on your way. ”
-Bert Gervais (23) , Male, BU Alumni .

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