January 28, 2022

Is Yours a Learning Organization in Harvard Business Review

One of the best articles I have read in a long time appeared in the March issue of Harvard Business Review: Is Yours a Learning Organization?

If you are a leader (please remember, if you are leading 1, 2 or 50,000 people, you are a leader), I highly encourage you to pick up this issue or at least purchase a copy of this article. We are in the age of the knowledge worker, and the article starts off clearly stating the assumption many leaders are making today: “Leaders may think that getting their organizations to learn is only a matter of articulating a clear vision, giving employees the right incentives, providing lots of training. This assumption is not merely flawed — it’s risky in the face of intensifying competition, advances in technology, and shifts in customer preferences.”

I am not going to tell you about the rest of the article, but there are three critical building blocks presented in this article. For more information on the article, check out the article here: Is Yours a Learning Organization?.

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