October 19, 2021

Brazen Careerist.com Opens

Penelope Trunk and a host of other young, sharp professionals have opened BrazenCareerist.com.  I perused the site this morning after a long biz trip, and it was great to read what so many young careerists are saying (not just about career but about life, Generation Y and the future). 

You can check out the list of bloggers here.  I see a few familiar faces… Ben Casnocha, who is featured in the Millennial Leaders book.  and Jaclyn Schiff of EmployeeEvolution.com.  Great job folks and great stuff!  This looks like it is jam-packed with ideas and wonderful advice for everyone.  But…if you are a Gen Y, please check this site out.  You are going to land on a gold mine of fresh perspectives and ideas for both career and life..

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