January 28, 2022

 FAST COMPANY Magazine has a great interactive portion to their website.  It is usually on the right of the home page.

The question posted by the staff right now is this:

How can you empower a company’s employees to think like its owners?

Here is how I responded:

I would never encourage empowering employees to think like the biz owners, because this stifles creative thinking. But, if you are talking about getting everyone in the biz aligned around vision and mission, this starts with the owner being respectful of employees, open to their ideas and highly accessible to them (you can’t get aligned around a company mission and vision if you never see or have access to the owner). It also requires the owners to be true leaders…people the employees want to model.   To be a true leader requires being open, actually listening to and respecting employees for the talent and ideas they bring to the company and then being transparent enough to admit when a mistake is made. It’s all about being a “See Through” CEO. Then, employees will be willing to see your perspective as an owner..

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