October 24, 2021

The New Loyalty Blog Post by MoJay on http://EmployeeEvolution.com

The young bloggers and journalists over at Employee Evolution.com are writing some very poignant blogs about the role Gen Y is playing at work, how they view work and some of the challenges and opportunities which are popping up for organizations around this topic.

A recent post by Raymond A.R. Jarosz (Known as MoJay) on The New Loyalty is a great post, and I have a few comments to make.

I think as senior leaders, we have to be careful about labeling Gen Y as disloyal. Many of the companies who are doing a great job with young talent retention understand that Gen Y does not necessarily leave a company, but they leave a boss who makes life difficult, or they leave a stagnant environment. The Gen Y’s who are sticking with a company are doing so because they continue to be offered multiple opportunities to learn, grow and “build out their career”. Intuit, Google and Sun Microsystems are examples of three West Coast companies who are doing a great job in building loyalty with Gen Y. Why? Because they are offering flexibility, access to top decision makers in the company, the opportunity to grow as leaders and to rotate around the company so that work stays interesting and inspiring.

I think also that it will be important for more experienced leaders to really look closely at their assumptions about their brand and the way work is being done. If you are branding your company based on employee recruitment and retention strategies from the 70’s and 80’s, then it’s time to start looking at how you are branding your company to attract and then keep Gen Y. Are you cool, clean and hip?  Are you offering Gen Y the opportunity to do service work in your community?  Does your brand to your external customers match up with what is going on inside your company? Gen Y is big on transparency, and they want to know that your message to the public is matching up with what is going on inside your organization and they want to know without any fluff or hype what they can expect once they actually walk into the doors of your company.

So, if you are someone who has the word “Chief”, “President” or “Vice President” in your title, and you are losing Gen Y talent, my question to you is “What are you doing or not doing to keep Gen Y talent around?” Sit down and take the time to answer this question, and test your assumptions about what really attracts and keeps Gen Y around. You may just be surprised at what comes up for you..

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