October 19, 2021

Second Life Being Used for Training Purposes

I have recently had conversations with Margaret Regan and Sumaya Kazi about how the virtual platform, Second Life, is being used for a variety of training purposes.

When I describe Second Life to my clients, they respond by saying…Oooohhh…sounds odd.  But…as you look more closely at what companies and universities are doing, it really makes sense.  This all reminds me of the Sims Game, and my kids learned a great deal about cause and effect and making life, financial and career choices by playing the game.

So, if you want some ideas on the subject, check out these articles:

Great Article in Wired Mag on Wii and Second Life becoming a Training Simulator

Kapp Notes blog entry

Mauritius: Mauritians pioneer emergency preparedness training in second life.

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