November 30, 2021

Young Voters in Michigan: Uncommitted: 48%; Clinton: 37%

I just heard on CNN that exit polls in Michigan showed that for the Democratic vote tonight, 48% of the young voters voted “uncommitted” (as urged by Obama and Edwards) and 37% of young voters voted for Clinton.  The word is that Clinton has not been connecting with young voters, and the recent study by Peanut Labs is pointing to the fact that  Gen Y’s affection for Obama is most largely connected to his likability factor.  So…this vote is telling me that young voters are still not leaning in Clinton’s direction, and they came out to vote to say so.

And this from Michigan Elections News

“That Democratic non-contest …

Barack Obama and John Edwards withdrew from the ballot amid a dispute over seating Michigan’s Democratic delegates. “Uncommitted” was an option on the ballot against Hillary Rodham Clinton and several lower-tier candidates. Younger voters, college graduates, blacks and voters in bigger cities were more likely than other groups to vote uncommitted.

And if Democrats had a full ballot to choose from, nearly three-quarters of those who voted uncommitted told exit pollsters they would have voted for Obama and many of the rest said Edwards. Of course those results are only among those who were motivated to go to the Democratic primary and vote uncommitted.

Note:Preliminary results from exit poll by Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International for The Associated Press and television networks. Partial samples in 40 precincts around Michigan of 873 voters in the Republican primary and 588 in the Democratic contest. Sampling error plus or minus 5 percentage points in each primary.”.

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