December 2, 2021

Will Generation Y Show Up in New Hampshire?

This is the BIG question on CNN tonight.  According to The Boston Herald, 22% of under age 30 voters showed up in Iowa last week compared to the 17% under 30 that voted in the 2004 Democratic race.  I look forward to watching who shows up tomorrow.

I have been watching this unfold for the last year, and I have been glued to the internet and television since the Facebook debates on Saturday night.  Whether or not Obama’s tone and presence change this whole campaign is yet to be determined…but…it looks like the gap is widening, and he is truly creating what I call an “inspirational movement”.  He is stirring hope and promise, and this is what US citizens have been asking for.

And…of course, it looks like McCain is building steam over Romney and Huckabee.   Romney…well…personally, I love hearing Romney talk…he is a great exec, and I like knowing about his track record of success, and he just makes sense to me, and, as my husband Mike said “ to be elected as a Republican in Mass. is an accomplishment in and of itself”.  I also am learning a great deal about Fred Thompson…I really loved watching him doodling and trying not to roll his eyes as McCain and Romney went at it Sat. night (if you did not see the debate, Thompson was seated between them, and they were “yak, yak, yaking” at each other while Thompson sat there looking like he wanted to be at home watching television with his much younger wife…OR, he was wishing he was already in the White House kicking ass and taking names).  He actually had some short but very solid things to say.  Many people are saying that Thompson has the qualities we need to get in there and really put his fist down and fight for what we need for our country.  Maybe he does?

And Hillary…well…she’s a sharp cookie, and I think that unfortunately, she just does not seem to be connecting emotionally with the public (although she did shed tears today).  And…she is bringing some baggage with her to the campaign (the question on Fox tonight was “Does she need to leave Bill at home”?) I don’t know…maybe she needs to “make a change”.

Some commentators are saying that we are now being swayed by the great motivational speakers (like Obama and Huckabee).  So…I want to encourage each of you to get out there and vote for the issues that you stand for (and do your best to really study the issues that are going to affect our youth…especially education and our financial situation).  Each candidate has their own website, and you have to get beyond the “I want to make a change” position and really study what each candidate stands for and what they will do AND look at their track record.  As an example, I know that Giuiani is behind, but I personally feel confident he could lead this country in a crisis…if you can lead NYC during a crisis like 9-11, I really believe you can lead the country under an attack.


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