October 24, 2021

Pepsi’s Challenge to iTunes: Who Will it Help? on Byte of the Apple on Business Week Magazine

Can Pepsi and Amazon hold a candle…to i-Tunes? Ahhh…I don’t know…Amazon or i-Tunes.  I am just not sure that i-tunes can be beat…especially considering the fact that there are 72 million Gen y buyers, and Apple is their most loyal brand:  http://www.millennialleaders.com/blog/?p=66 (according to Outlaw consulting)…And…I’m not even sure this approach will land the number 2 position in music downloads.  We’ll see.  And…on the Outlaw Consulting report, I don’t believe I see  Amazon or Pepsi on the list. 

I think the thing that I always feel is that Steve Jobs is ALWAYS one step ahead of everyone.  Knowing him, he is figuring out a way to leverage this campaign to his benefit.   So, time will tell.  Just check out this article and see what you think.

Interesting article here on Business Week Byte of the Apple blog..

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