December 2, 2021

Loreal…It Ain’t Your Grandmother’s Cosmetics Line Anymore!

Loreal has done an incredible thing…they have me now buying their products and services, a first time change in a decade from my traditional Alpha-H product choices.

I recall seeing a jar of Loreal night cream on my grandmother’s night stand. So…I have always thought of Loreal as a cosmetics company designed for the more mature woman.

Boy…was I wrong.

In 2007, Loreal made a very smart move. They launched the Loreal Brandstorm Competition. In order to apply to be a contestant, you have to be a college student, and you are required to apply in teams of 3. The campaign attracted over 17,000 college students from over 170 campuses. The program is designed to give emerging business leaders the opportunity to live as a Loreal Brand Manager, spending days designing marketing strategies and advertising campaigns for Loreal.

Loreal knows something that all savvy business owners know…that to stay alive, you HAVE to be willing to reach a younger market. So….they did it, and guess what? I have made the switch! I started using Loreal cosmetics in December of 2007, and I had been using a very expensive, top of the line brand. And guess what…I LOVE Loreal products. They are great on my skin, they smell great and they are affordable.

Of course, Loreal is also getting students involved all over the internet. They are visible on Facebook and MySpace, and they are using their flash website to draw folks in.

So…maybe it’s time to look at this competition approach to your marketing. It’s certainly working for Loreal and for FOX (American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance are 2 of the top ranked shows in the world right now).

Also…just check out Loreal’s website…this aint your grandmother’s company any longer!.

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