October 24, 2021

Lars and the Real Girl

This past Friday night, my husband, Mike came home and asked me if I wanted to go to the Sunrise Theatre in Southern Pines to see Lars and the Real Girl.

I had not heard of it, but after reading the write-up, I decided it sounded a bit quirky (and I am all into quirky), so we went. 

I left the theatre feeling like I had just watched the best movie of my life (well, maybe second to The Big Chill).

At any rate, the main character, Lars (played by cutie-pie Ryan Gosling) is a very serious introvert who has had a rough time emotionally, goes to the internet, orders a sex doll (who is gorgeous) and falls in love with her.  I am not going to tell you about the entire movie, because you’ve got to see this.  I laughed and laughed, fell in love with Lars (and his doll), and at the end, I was sobbing. 

The thing that I most learned was about acceptance (and Gen Y is all about acceptance, as should we all be).  My daughter,  Ann, age 19, saw the movie with us, and as we left the theatre,  she said “You know Mom…Lars was so different, yet he was accepted by his community in spite of his oddities”.  And this is really what I felt was also my main lesson from this movie.  It’s really incredible…go see it soon!  You will love it! .

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