December 2, 2021

Happy New Year and Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions

To begin…Happy New Year Everyone!

I was watching the news yesterday as I was working out, and I heard an ad from e-Harmony:

“Find love in 2008”.

So…why in the world would people wait until 2008 to find love?

This is the age old, worn out question about New Year’s Resolutions…

“My New Year’s Resolution is to lose 28 pounds”

“My New Year’s Resolution is to make $300,000.00”

“My New Year’s Resolution is to declutter my home”

Okay…stop it!  Stop making New Year’s Resolutions.  Why?  Because they don’t work!

The word resolution suggests to me that you are trying to solve a problem…and that in and of itself is self defeating (negative).  It also suggests that you are going to be doing something short-term…like get it all done in 6 months.

About 18 months ago, my OB-Gyn told me that I was insulin resistant…great…no more sugar (and I love chocolate ice cream).  I suddenly saw this as what I was giving up, and I then shifted into a theme…a theme of great health and loving my new eating habits and exercise.  So, slowly over a period of one year, I gradually made a few shifts…from white to wheat flour…from ice cream to fruit and to learning how to cook with Splenda (yes…I know those of you who are against Splenda won’t like this), but I really did learn a new way to eat, and it actually became really fun to look for new ways to cook and new ways to amp up my physical activity.  Not only is my blood sugar stable, I dropped 10 pounds (great benefit eh?)

So, this year, rather than setting that darn New Year’s Resolution, how about choosing to make a gradual life change…just one for now.  I am recalling  Zig Ziglar talking about learning to work out…he ran to one extra mailbox each day, and he was running 5 miles in 6 months and lost the weight he needed.  So…take a few extra steps tomorrow, run the stairs, park a little bit further away from the store, pick up a piece of fruit instead of chocolate ice cream…and start paying yourself first.  Just start something new, and make it fun!  (It can be if you approach it as such)..

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