October 24, 2021

Helicopter Parents

I have had several people ask me about helicopter parents.

Here is what Dr. Carolyn Martin has to say in chapter 4 of Millennial Leaders.

“Gen Yers are still a huge latchkey generation, but their parents are much more involved. You’ve heard about “helicopter parents” who hover over their son’s or daughter’s every decision? What courses should they take? What positions should they apply for? What 401-K plan should they sign up for? I don’t have a problem with savvy parents offering savvy advice to young adults. My concern is with “paratrooper parents” who don’t just hover; they swoop down and intervene. They’re writing the resumes, going on interviews, fighting with managers about their child’s less than stellar performance evaluations. That’s not real caring; that’s caretaking. And it not only delays maturity, but it weakens problem-solving and decision-making abilities. The managers of the world would love it if the Baby Boomers would just back off and let these young adults make their own mistakes, fight their own battles, negotiate their own terms, and learn from the process.”

Here are some other great resources on the topic:

Make Room For Daddy……..And Mommy: Helicopter Parents Are Here!  by Judith Hunt

Do Helicopter Moms Do More Harm Than Good by ABC News

Putting Parents in Their Place:  Outside Class by the Washington Post

Helicopter parents hover when kids job hunt


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