December 2, 2021

Gen Y Loyalty: The Trusted 15 Brands

We have been saying over the past few months that Gen Y is not that loyal when it comes to brands.

Well…I have been proven wrong!  Outlaw Consulting has published a great study on the top 15 brands that Gen Y most trusts.  They are…ta da!  (Drum roll please!)

News Image


Trader Joe’s

Jet Blue

In N Out

Ben N Jerry’s

Whole Foods


American Apparel


H & M




Vitamin Water

Red Stripe

So…here’s the formula for success with Gen Y:

1) Clean + Simple= Hip (no fuss, no muss!)  It’s trendy to be simple and easy!

2) Quirky, unique and dorky (Jet Blue and Trader Joe’s are both known for being one of a kind shops)

3) Happy employees (people who work at the aforementioned companies say they LOVE their jobs!)

So…there you have it!  I have to say, I agree 100% with this list.  I am a Boomer/Gen X hybrid, and I love these brands too. 

Grab the full report by OUTLAW here..

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