October 24, 2021

Do What You Love? Penelope Trunk Speaks Out

I am a huge Penelope Trunk fan (I read her blog daily).  She has a great blog entry today about doing what you love and how this is really not all that it’s cracked up to be (I just had this conversation with my daughter, Ann last night).

Trunk opens her blog by saying “One of the worst pieces of career advice that I bet each of you has not only gotten but given is to “do what you love.”  She goes on to say that the important goal is to try on new stuff (HERE! HERE!)

What I have found in my 40 plus years of life is that often when you take what you love and earn money for it, you begin to lose the love affair you had with that passion.   As an example, writing and publishing a book.  I love research, and I love to write, but the love affair starts becoming more like a rocky marriage once you move into publishing, contracts, royalties and people who don’t do what they said they were going to do (another topic all together).

 The thing you love often becomes labor, and I don’t really mean a labor of love, so it is really important to keep things in perspective.  If you are in love with a beautiful cabin in the woods on the lake, and you love writing music but will starve as a musician, maybe it’s time to look at a job that can bring you income to afford that great space in the woods (and stay focused on that).  There’s always time in the evening and week-ends to write music.  I have also found that there are moments in everyone’s work day that can bring fun and joy…just like life, not every minute of the day is fun and joyous, and I am still not convinced that we would know happiness and joy if we did not experience pain, boredom and dread. 

So…just check out this blog post…it is really great stuff!

By Bea Fields: Millennial Leaders.

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