October 24, 2021

View From the Cloud

In chapter 12 of Millennial Leaders, we honor two leaders from St. Cloud Minnesota:  Mayor David Kleis and 14-year old Austin Lee.

Austin has been featured all over the news for his leadership and expertise at such a young age.  You see, when Austin went to Mayor Kleis and told him about his ideas for a new skate park, Kleis was extremely impressed…so much so that he appointed Austin to the Parks and Rec board…now that’s a bold move.

Austin’s dad, Jeff, is such a humble man…he quietly goes about supporting Austin, and he did post about Austin being featured in our book in his blog View from the Cloud (you gotta love that blog name!)  He apologized for apperaing to be braggadocious, and so I did leave a comment for Jeff…here is what I said (and I believe this heart and soul).

“Jeff…Thank-you for mentioning about Austin. I have been telling the world about him, so I can say with confidence that he is one amazing kid (as I am sure your other kids are).

As a parent of three college-age kids, I know how it feels to “brag” about your kids…but you know what…I think that often parents don’t say enough great things about their kids. We are their advocates, so it makes me smile to hear you stepping up and being proud of Austin…and telling people about it.

What many people don’t know is that when our kids put their heads on their pillows at night, they want to know that their parents love them and are proud of them…so I encourage you to continue putting out to the world all that Austin and your kids are doing. It is certainly something to share!”

So, if you are reading this and you have children…do one thing tomorrow…brag on them to one person…it will make your child’s day!.

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