November 30, 2021

Marketing to Gen Y? Take a lesson from Apple.

As I am out and about talking about Generation Y, business leaders are often asking:“How do I market to Gen Y?”

I have one answer:

Apple and i-Tunes!

So, Steve Jobs did an amazing thing…he built a tiny device that could go anywhere and could hold 10,000 songs…now that’s cool. And…guess who took the i-pod and i-Tunes to millions of people? That’s right…GEN Y!

Yet, the i-pod was not the brilliant invention…It was i-Tunes that made the i-pod a household item. Why? Because of 5 basic reasons:

So, here are the 5 basics that Gen Y looks for when making a buying decision and how you can learn from what Apple did to become the mega-superstar that they are!

1) They want it fast. Gen Y is all about speed. They are master multi-taskers, and in order to multi-task, things have to be lightning fast! I can download one song on i-Tunes in 10 seconds. I have a high speed connection, and I have timed my download…I think it’s even less than 10 minutes, but I want to be factual here.

2) They want it cheap. Gen Yers are extremely resourceful. They know how to share files and songs back and forth with their friends…why buy it when you can get it from your friends? With i-Tunes, you don’t have to buy the entire CD for $12-$19. You can buy one song for 99 cents!

3) They want good quality. Even though Gen Y wants things to be cheap, they don’t want the quality to suffer in the process. With i-Tunes, the sound quality is fantastic! Even on my desktop, it sounds fabulous!

4) They want it cool! In an interview with the Discovery Channel, Steve Jobs said something to this effect “We want the i-book and iTunes to look so great that it makes you want to lick the screen”! (I am paraphrasing a bit here, but he did say something to this effect in an interview on the Discovery Channel). If you visit, you see and feel the “cool” factor. If you watch their ads on television, it’s cool, cool, cool! They even make dancing alone look cool. If you are considering updating your website or your products and services, just visit and see how Apple packages things. It just looks cool!

5) They want an experience. Gen Y is all about having a great experience…something they can share with their friends. Apple is now getting users involved in watching trailers, blogging, interacting online and downloading music straight into their cell phones. Gen Yers can be out and about, hear a song on the radio, and they then start texting their friends about going to i-Tunes and grabbing the song. In a matter of minutes, hundreds of friends in a network are jamming to the same tune (of course as they walk into the mall to do a bit more shopping and networking!)

So…when looking at marketing to the next generation (predicted to be the largest buying generation in history by 2010…only 2 years away), ask yourself these questions:

Are you delivering your products and services quickly? Are you responding quickly?

Are you offering a great quality product?

Are you selling your product at a price that seems reasonable to younger buyers?

Are you delivering with a cool edge?

Are you creating a true buying experience for your customers?

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