October 24, 2021

Here’s to a Great Generation Y Leader: Coach Larry Martin

By Bea Fields

When it comes to celebrating Gen Y, we honor the successes of young men and women, ages 18-30.  We also honor the men and women who have coached, mentored, taught and parented young leaders to reach their potential and move in the direction of success.

One leader who falls into the second category is Coach Larry Martin of Pinecrest High School.

My twin daughters, Ann and Katie Fields had the privelege of being coached and trained by Coach Martin…in both indoor and outdoor track.  Larry and his wife Joanna (both are great athletes) took the time outside of school to work with Ann and Katie on their track and soccer skills (Coach Martin coaches both track and soccer) and doing small things like going on an extra run with them, cooking dinner for many of the athletes and making sure that schedules and rosters were all lining up prior to an event.   Ann and Katie will both tell you that they attibute much of their overall success to the mentorship provided by Coach Martin.

I am writing this blog post today, because I have heard rumblings that Coach Martin may be asked to step down from his position.  This is very sad news to me, and I felt I had to say something formally. 

Coach Martin is a stellar example of what Generation Y is needing and craving…a strong, direct yet compassionate leader.  One of the reasons that Ann and Katie did so well with Coach Martin was because he was no nonsense…he would not tolerate anything but the best from them, because he could see their talent and potential.  AND…he would be straight with them…where they were falling short and what they could do to improve.  He not only worked with them on their athletic skills…he worked with them on their life skills including accountability, time management, moving through fear and mental blocks and integrity…skills that are just rare in this day and age.

I could go on and on about Coach Martin.  But I will close with one statement:  Our would be a much better place if every young man or woman had a mentor like Coach Larry Martin.   Thank-you Coach Martin for all that you have done for our leaders of tomorrow..

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