October 24, 2021

Jason Dorsey Featured Tonight on CBS: 60 Minutes: Here Come the Millennials: Part 2

By Bea Fields

Jason Dorsey, who is featured in Chapter 20 of Millennial Leaders, was featured on 60 Minutes last night in the segment called Here Come the Millennials. It was a great segment, and I want to congratulate you Jason! Great job!

To see the segment go to CBS’ 60 Minutes Website

The comments on the CBS website have been very negative.  I have commented one time…just tried to add a new comment to the CBS site, and their system is not working.  So, I want to say this:

Blaming Generation Y for being entitled, lazy and narcissistic does nothing to help our communication across Generations.  As Baby Boomers, we have raised our kids to think they can “be it all” or “do it all”, and we have built them up to expect the unachievable.  We have told them since they could walk and talk that “You are special” and “You have to be competitive…you have to get the Ivy League Scholarship”.  Jason Dorsey, a top Gen Y Leader even said so on the show last night.

So where does the responsibility fall?  I believe that if Boomers want to see something different happen in our families and workplace, we have to take the first step…to get in there and learn from Gen Y and help lead them.  To blame Gen Y and call them names simply points the finger back to Boomers to say “This is how you raised your kids”.

The Boomers (and I am a Baby Boomer, so I am “entitled” to say this) who are complaining are at the root of the problem, and I don’t say that lightly.  How did we feel when the Silent Generation was up in arms about our cry of “freedom, sex, drugs and rock music”?  Our parents were saying the same thing about us!  And, we turned around and used this same sense of entitlement and indomitable self esteem to raise, teach and coach Gen Y.   As I have always said “If you spot it…you got it!”  Gen Y is simply a more tech savvy, more enhanced version of the Baby Boomer Generation.

And…on the work ethic.  Why would Gen Y want to work 60 hours a week like Dad or Mom…who worked and worked only to get laid off or fired (or end up in the hospital with a heart attack)?   Maybe Gen Y has this whole thing figured out.

This issue is not about Gen Y.  This issue is about the clashing of mindsets between Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y, which is how our world evolves…this is not 1970 or even 1980.  This is the year 2007, and the world has changed and is changing.  Things are going to look  even more different as the next generation comes on board (and Generation Y might not “get” the next generation just like Boomers don’t “get” Gen Y).  So, if you really want to see this situation improve, then get in there and do something about it.  You can start by looking at what behaviors you are enabling (are you running to the principal every time something happens?  Are you calling your son’s employer to find out why he didn’t get a raise?)  It’s time that we all grow up and support Gen Y in becoming the best leaders they can become for our future.  And by all means…stop calling them names and resisting their efforts…that does nothing but make things worse!.

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