October 19, 2021

Meet Our Experts

For 18 months, we searched high and low to find the best and the brightest Generation Y leaders and experts. We are honored to feature each of these incredible men and women in the book Millennial Leaders.

Chapter 2
“Generation Me”: Dr. Jean Twenge
About Jean M. Twenge
Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University and the author of Generation Me. You can find more about her and her research at www.jeantwenge.com or www.generationme.org.

Chapter 3
Next Generation Consulting: Rebecca Ryan
About Rebecca Ryan
Rebecca Ryan is one of the 2EO`s of Next Generation Consulting, a market research company committed to engaging the next generation. She was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship and “Communicator of the Year” by Women in Communication. She is the author of the book Live First, Work Second. For more information on Rebecca or her book, visit her online at www.nextgenerationconsulting.com.

Chapter 4
RainmakerThinking, Inc.: Carolyn A. Martin, Ph.D.
About Carolyn Martin
An expert on generational diversity and performance management, Dr. Carolyn A. Martin is a world-class keynote speaker, author, and master trainer. With Bruce Tulgan, she co-authored of Managing Generation Y, Managing the Generation Mix, and The Customer Service Intervention. A RainmakerThinking Inc. principal since 2000, Carolyn has wowed audiences across North America, the UK, and Japan for the past 20 years. Her work has been featured in US News and World Report, The LA Times, Global HR, and Nursing Management. For more information, visit www.rainmakerthinking.com.

Chapter 5
Learning Times Green Room: Susan Manning & Dan Balzer
About Dan Balzer
Dan Balzer designs online training programs in the corporate sector. He has also worked extensively in creating professional development workshops for college faculty and K-12 teachers on topics such as information fluency, accelerated learning, and teaching in the online environment. Dan has a bachelor`s degree in history/religious studies and a master`s degree in intercultural education.

About Susan Manning
Susan Manning`s work involves a juggling act of two very diverse groups of learners: the college and university faculty enrolled in graduate education programs and her English as a Second Language students. She holds undergraduate degrees from Truman State University and Bowling Green State University and earned a doctorate in adult and community education and higher education administration from Ball State University.

Chapter 6
Servant Leadership: Josh Sabo & Amanda Harwood
About Josh Sabo
Dr. Marc Lazare is 25 and a doctor at Northern Seminary where he is working on a Master`s of Divinity degree. He serves as a Youth Ministry Intern at Central Baptist Church in Springfield, Illinois. Josh plans to invest his life in helping young people make a positive impact on our world.

About Amanda Harwood
Amanda is 20 years old and attends Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana she is pursuing a degree in secondary education math and hopes to teach high school or junior high students within the next few years. She is currently leading a junior high youth group and serving in leadership on her college campus.

Chapter 7
Vassar College: Andy Jennings
About Andy Jennings
When Andy arrived on the campus of Vassar College in 1982, he was given the task of turning the school`s unsuccessful soccer program into a winning enterprise. Within a short time, he delivered two conference titles and revamped the nature of the recruiting program to seek out “scholar athletes” who could continue to enhance Vassar`s reputation for overall excellence.

Chapter 8
Extreme Entrepreneurship Education: Michael Simmons
About Michael Simmons
Michael Simmons has received Entrepreneur of the Year awards from the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, FLEET, and the National Coalition for Empower Youth Leadership. He and his wife, Sheena, are the co-founders of Extreme Entrepreneurship Education and the authors of The Student Success Manifesto and All or Nothing, Now or Never. Recently, they were named by Business Week as one of the country`s top 25 entrepreneurs under 25. As 2005 graduates of New York University, authors, teachers, speakers and award-winning entrepreneurs, they are able to deliver a unique perspective that connects with audiences. For more information, visit their website, www.extremee.org.

Chapter 9
Comcate, Inc.: Ben Casnocha
About Ben Casnocha
Ben Casnocha is the author of the bestselling book, My Start-up Life: What a (Very) Young CEO Learned on His Journey Through Silicon Valley. He is one of the most recognized young entrepreneurs and writers, with his work featured in the New York Times and on CNN. Ben speaks regularly at conferences and universities such as Duke University and the Wharton School. He is a freshman at Claremont McKenna College. For information, visit www.mystartuplife.com or his blog at http://ben.casnocha.com.

Chapter 10
Collegeboxes: Josh Kowitt and Scott Neuberger
About Josh Kowitt and Scott Neuberger
Josh Kowitt and Scott Neuberger are the co-founders of Collegeboxes.com. They have been hailed by media around the country, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fortune Small Business, and Entrepreneur.com. Inc. magazine named the duo among the country`s top entrepreneurs under 30 in 2006. For more information about their venture, visit www.collegeboxes.com.

Chapter 11
The PlaceFinder.com: Arel Moodie & Bert Gervais
About Arel Moodie and Bert Gervais
Arel Moodie and Bert Gervais are the Founders of The Place Finder LLC, a company designed to help college students find high quality, affordable, off-campus housing, roommates, and sublets. The two young entrepreneurs started the company in 2005 as students at Binghamton University when they had trouble finding suitable off-campus housing. Bert was named the East Coast Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006, in 2007, The New York State Student Entrepreneur of the Year, and the Business Organization Leader of the year in 2005 at Binghamton University. Arel is a professional speaker and is well known as America`s Top Young Speaker. He has spoken professionally to over 20,000 people in 8 states and two countries. They have been featured on television and newspapers such as a Fox News affiliate and in USA Today.

Arel likes to use his spare time to dance and has performed as an opening act for the R&B group 112. In Bert`s spare time, he enjoys making music, and his band has won Binghamton University`s Battle of the Bands title.

The third partner with The PlaceFinder is Matthew Young. Matthew has a background in the development of numerous technological developments, including projects used to deployed military applications. He has a black belt in numerous martial arts disciplines and is an accomplished guitarist. For more information, visit www.PlaceFinder.com.

Chapter 12
St. Cloud, Minnesota: Austin Lee & Mayor Dave Kleis
About Austin Lee and Mayor Dave Kleis
Austin Lee`s story has been highlighted on an ABC News Person of the Week segment, bringing attention to the positive impact this high school freshman has made on his city. Mayor Kleis, who gave up his seat in the Minnesota State Senate to run for mayor of St. Cloud, was the first challenger in 25 years to unseat the incumbent for this position.

Chapter 13
Young Urban Rebuilding Professionals: Nathan Rothstein & Ross Kanter
About Nathan Rothstein
Nathan Rothstein graduated with an honors degree in history from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in 2006. During college, he spent time organizing Alternative Spring Break Programs to New York City and Atlanta, volunteering for different political campaigns, and teaching in the Cambridge, Massachusetts, summer schools while most people is enjoying the vacations on the beach or at their pools, they fixed up with a pool cleaning in Temecula from http://cortspools.com/pool-service/temecula-ca/. He founded New Orleans (NOLA) YURP in 2007; for more information, visit www.nolayurp.com.

About Ross Kantor
Ross Kantor graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with a degree in Business Marketing and Finance in the fall of 2005. As a board member and a new business development specialist, je is responsible for helping to oversee the organization and planning of all the programming and economic initiatives undertaken by the organization; for more information, visit www.nolayurp.com.

Chapter 14
Online Communities: Scott K. Wilder
About Scott K. Wilder
Scott K. Wilder is the General Manager for Intuit`s Small Business Online Communities. Before joining Intuit, Scott was the Vice-President of Marketing and Product Development at KB Toys and eToys, the director of Internet services at Borders.com and Apple Computer, and has held senior management positions at American Express and Silicon Graphics. Scott worked on the following online communities: eWorld at Apple, Borders Cafe at Borders.com, and KBToys Community at KBToys.com. Scott also is a board member of the Word of Mouth Association (WOMMA) and the Society of New Communications. He received graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins University, New York University, and Georgetown University.

Chapter 15
Zoodango.com: James Sun
About James Sun
The CEO, President, and founder of Zoodango.com, James describes himself as a comedic husband to his wife and a young-at-heart father to his two kids. He loves life and lives every day with laughter and passion. James is a dynamic speaker with a unique ability to engage and captivate an audience with real life stories and industry knowledge. He graduated cum laude from the University of Washington with a Business and Computer Information Systems degree. James was a finalist on Donald Trump`s Apprentice in 2007.

Chapter 16
The Medium and the Message: David Charles Cohen
About David Charles Cohen
Award-winning producer David Charles Cohen knows the world of film and TV both behind and in front of the camera. After 14 years in front of the camera, he founded 1421 Productions and LA Film Lab Entertainment, where he produced over 17 shorts and features. Most recently, he produced Notorious BIG, Bigger than Life, a documentary about the life of deceased rap artist Notorious B.I.G. with Academy and Emmy Award nominated director Peter Spirer. For more information, visit www.biggiethemovie.com. David is also the Chief Executive Maestro of Writers of the Round Table Inc.. For more information, visit http://writersoftheroundtable.com.

Chapter 17
Live Experience Design: Kent Corbell
About Kent Corbell
A self-confessed “A/V kid,” Kent Corbell now plays in the space where design, entertainment, communications, business, and architecture meet. He has toured with Lynyrd Skynyrd and George Clinton, been a stagehand at Walt Disney World, engineered sound systems in Korea, designed theme parks in Taiwan, and has contributed to several major projects in Las Vegas. Kent leads Live Experience Design, a global experience creation company. He is currently writing a book on the elements of creating and marketing with extraordinary experiences. For more information, visit www.liveexperiencedesign.com.

Chapter 18
The Generational Workforce: Peter Sheahan
About Peter Sheahan
Peter Sheahan is a global consultant and a leader in generational workforces and change. A former Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2003), he was also chosen by his peers at the National Speakers Association of Australia as the 2006 Keynote Speaker of the Year. Peter is the author of Generation Y: Thriving and Surviving with Generation Y at Work, and his newest release, FL!P. His books and more information about his consulting services are available at www.petersheahan.com.

Chapter 20
“My Reality Check Bounced”: Jason Dorsey
About Jason Dorsey
An energetic, insightful, dynamic young leader, Jason Dorsey is a sought-after speaker, author, and entrepreneur. His newest book is titled My Reality Check Bounced! Only 29, Jason has already been featured on 20/20, NB`s Today Show, ABC`s The View, and in Fortune Magazine, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. You can learn more about Jason at www.JasonDorsey.com.

Chapter 21
San Francisco International Airport: Michelle DiPilla
Michelle DiPilla
Michelle DiPilla is the SFO and Training Programs Coordinator for the San Francisco International Airport. Michelle has received special recognition for her work with SFO Career Connect, a program for at-risk youth from ages 18 to 24 who have faced personal challenges but are motivated to find career and personal focus.

Chapter 22
People and Organization Development Group: Michael Berger
About Michael Berger
Michael Berger is a young veteran of organizations and an expert in human dynamics, generational matters, and systems and change. His background is a blend of specialized training and success with small and Fortune 100 companies. He holds a master`s degree in organization development and an advanced certificate in leadership coaching from Georgetown University. Michael also has extensive training and expertise in adult development, personality and communication styles, emotional intelligence, organizational values, and leadership issues in Gen X/Gen Y. For more information, visit Michael at www.bergerblog.com.

Chapter 23
The Glimpse Foundation: Nick Fitzhugh
About Nick Fitzhugh
Nick began The Glimpse Foundation as a student at Brown University, where he earned a BA in comparative literature. His prior experience spans a broad range of work: as Associate Director of Research for Building2 Partners, LLC; Vice President of Business Development for MDigital Systems; reporter for the Cape Cod Chronicle; Director of Public Relations and Associate Captain of the FSAE Race Car Design team; and Vice President of Capital Sap, a maple syrup company. Nick has lived in France, Italy, and Switzerland and has traveled extensively throughout Europe. He is fluent in French and Italian and served as a contributing editor to National Geographic Traveler on Campus. For more information on the Glimpse Foundation, visit www.glimpsefoundation.org.

Chapter 24
PEACE TV: Mari Moss
About Mari Moss
Mari Moss abandoned a promising entertainment career following the shooting death of a friend and moved back to her hometown of Canton, Ohio, to combat violence. She is the founder and executive director of Present Your Talents for Peace, a non-profit organization showcasing the talents of Stark County youth. Mari is also a volunteer producer and director of PEACE TV (Positive Events in Arts Culture and Education Television), a youth oriented broadcast program. Her efforts provide young people with positive alternatives to gang violence, drug abuse and other risky behaviors. Mari`s vision is to be a positive inspiration to young people and encourage them to make positive changes in their lives. To learn more about Mari Moss or to make a donation to her causes, visit www.youtube.com/PEACETV or contact Mari at 330-412-1644.

Chapter 25
Digital Gangster: Eric Green
About Eric Green
Web 2.0 Specialist Eric Green – a.k.a. “The Digital Gangster” – has been in the world of corporate sales for over 12 years. After struggling for over five years to figure out a way to leave Corporate America and pursue his dream of becoming an online entrepreneur he`s finally cracked the code. Today Eric consults with entrepreneurs around the globe and teaches them the latest in web 2.0 strategies to brand themselves and build wide-spread networks. To learn more about Eric Green, visit www.myspace.com/thedigitalgangster.

Media Snackers: DK
About DK
The man known simply as “DK” launched MediaSnackers in June 2006 with an educational background in communications and media, plus a professional background in local government. He was the UK`s first and only Corporate Youth Officer. Although his work spans many facets of training in the new media and he has assumed many roles, DK`s deepest passion is reflected in his work with young people and youth professionals – a role he has embraced for the past eight years. For more information about his training opportunities, visit www.mediasnackers.com..

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