October 18, 2021


Andy Wibbels has a great thread going on his blog:

Trimming the Freaks

I posted a comment, and I want to leave it here as well:

A little over two years ago, I made the decision to “topgrade” my clients, referral partners and team members. This term was coined by Bradford Smart, and the term refers to the true A players of the world, and they come with about 45 great qualities (and they score a 10/10 on these qualities) such as intelligence, strategic skills, leading edge, excellence, independence, risk taking, likability, listening, leadership, experience, energy, inspiration and the ability to think critically (and many others).

As I looked at “my list”, it was filled with people who had landed on my website simply to get “free stuff”, and these same folks were contacting me constantly by e-mail wanting more “free stuff”. So I moved my opt in box off the home page of Five Star Leader, redesigned my website for a much more elegant/high end look, and I began being quite selective about who I asked to join my network. People don’t know it, but when I meet with them, I am actually running them through my “topgrading” assessment system. I have done this so often that I now have the assessment memorized, and I know how to ask certain questions to see where they land. If they are falling short of the “topgrade”, then we can be acquaintances, but we are never going to be great partners.

A lot of people call me arrogant for this. A lot of people call me “high and mighty” for taking this approach. For me…it just makes great sense…it calls me to play the biggest game I can play in life, because if I am going to hold my clients, partners and team members to this rigorous scoring system, I better damn well be able to live it as well.

The thing that I find most fascinating is that the topgraders in my life are NOT on my newsletter mailing list. They have never once signed up for something free…they actually pay thousands of dollars to work with me or send people who can pay high fees to me, and they don’t seem to even know that I have a website, and they don’t have time to bug me with crazy questions. They don’t get mad when I contact them to let them know about a new program like the Gen Y Project (BTW…which is another way to trim down the people who drive you crazy…open a new program that has NOTHING to do with why they signed on in the first place, and they will unsubscribe like crazy), and they champion me…they don’t drive me crazy.

I am a Guerrilla Marketing Coach, and I am sure that one of my first mentors, Mitch Meyerson, would tell me something different…that I need to be building a big list, but you know what…I want a QUALITY list of people. I want to know that I have 50 “topgraders” on my team who have 50 other “topgraders” around them.

So…the answer…Look at what you are doing to attract the people who drive you bonkers. What profession are they in? What are they doing with their lives? Why is it that they have so much free time to drive you crazy? Maybe it’s time for a complete overhaul!.

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