January 24, 2022

Blind Spots: Part 1: THE FAULT FINDER

You know the scene…You are driving down the highway, you start merging into the left lane, and suddenly you hear horns blowing loudly and the sound of screeching tires. Fear floods your body, because you suddenly realize another car was in the left lane! Yes! The car was in your blind spot, and you never even saw it.

Blind spots are a very common phenomenon, and they don’t just happen with our vision as we are speeding down the freeway. Blind spots also occur in our thinking and our emotions, and we don’t even know they exist…but guess what…other people see them, and as much as I hate to admit it…other people talk about our blind spots (and usually not directly to us…they talk to other people about our blind spots!) We are usually clueless as to how these blind spots are affecting our lives…our environments, our business, our ability to make money and the people (including our customers) we come in contact each day.

Every human lives with a blind spot of some type…And today, I want to talk about one: The “Fault Finder”. I hope to raise your awareness just a pinch…because most humans have a “Fault Finder” in them…it’s just human nature.

You know the “Fault Finder”..He or she contacts you to tell you about the typos on your website, or they always say “Hey…that’s not my fault!” They find problems and mistakes at every turn, and they label you based on what you “did or didn’t do.” It’s almost as if the “Fault Finders” think they were born to find faults in other people and in situations and to blame the world for their problems! Yawwnnn! Ugh! If only they could get paid for these good deeds (or faulty deeds…if you are a “Fault Finder”, you can choose the language that best suits you).

This blind spot is a BIGGIE, because the “Fault Finder” never takes responsibility for their role in a situation…I have big news for you! If you are currently in a relationship or a business venture or a life circumstance that is going sour, guess what? It’s your fault! Yes…it’s true…in every situation you find yourself in life, you have deliberately chosen to put yourself there.

Each day, we make choices…We wake up and decide to either exercise or drink an extra cup of coffee. We decide to go right or turn left at the red light. We decide to procrastinate or move forward on our action steps…We decide to stay in a negative relationship or a negative business partnership. Yes my friend…the decisions you make today are in your control. If something is not going your way, my first question is this: “What did you do to contribute to this negative situation, and what are you going to do about it?”

The typical response is usually the same “Well…it’s not all my fault!” Well…let’s look at that…if you are choosing to stay in your current situation, you are 100% responsible for what happens. If someone “does something to you”, somewhere along the way, you made the conscious choice to be involved…right? Or…you made a conscious choice to STAY involved.

As soon as you begin to realize that you are at choice and 100% responsbile for your life, you will find a new level of freedom and abundance. You will understand that you have a choice to go right or left at the red light. You will understand that you have a choice to eat a piece of yummy chocolate fudge cake with dark chocolate fudge icing (is your mouth watering?) or a crisp, sweet apple. You will understand that you have a choice as to whether you lose or make money. It’s all in your hands.

As you read this blog entry today, begin to consider “What choices are you making that are impacting your life, and how will you become 100% responsible for what you choose to do?” And…give yourself a great gift, and leave your “Fault Finder” behind…just for today. Let me know how that works for you!.

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