October 19, 2021


Okay…I have to slip into "the bragging mom" role for just one post. 

Ann and Katie were a part of the 4-woman relay team who won the NCHSAA Indoor Track and Field 3200 relay event for the state of NC this past week-end in Chapel Hill, NC.  Their overall time of 9:58:06 was the third best time in the history of the event.  This is also the first time that the Pinecrest Womens’ Track Team has won this event. 

And…Jack Fields qualified in the number 2 position for the Pinecrest Golf Team, tying Rob Riesen in the final round.  Rob is currently ranked number 1 in the state of North Carolina, has been recruited by the University of North Carolina to play at the college level, and says he is heading in the direction of the USGA Tour. 

Big things happening here in Pinehurst!


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