October 19, 2021

The Apprentice is Back! And so am I

Whew! It has been a long time since I have been to my blog, and I want to say…I have missed it so.

My busy-ness and my business have been well…busy! I have been a little cramped on the creativity side over the last several months, but watching The Apprentice last night made me realize that I still had some fire in me.

I know people have issues with Donald Trump…I totally get that, but I have to say…He hit the mark last night. I had predicted yesterday morning that Stacie J. (Stacie with an “ie”) would get fired. In my opinion, her time is VERY short unless she does an about face. She is a loose cannon, and she is by far not the favorite of her team mates, but as soon as I saw what Bradford did, I shrieked…”Oh My. Donald is going to eat your lunch.” And, he did…Bradford…”You’re fired!”

My husband, Mike and I had a little “discussion” (more like a debate) about the situation (The Apprentice is bigger than a Duke basketball game in the Fields home…which is saying A LOT.) Mike felt that Donald was being a jerk, and I truly felt that Bradford let his cocky attitude and his puffed up view of his abilities get in the way of being smart (I do think he is brilliant…by the way…I said last week that this guy has what it takes to succeed if he can get his ego out of the way.) As soon as I heard that he was willing to relinquish his exemption, I knew Ivana would bring him back in the board room, and it was going to get ugly.

I say all of this, because there are so many times in life that we all just need to “shut up!” We say too much, we push the edge, and we shoot ourselves in the foot. If we could all just stick to the facts without the dramatic commentary, I believe that businesses and corporations would run so much more smoothly. Bradford is brilliant, but he is so full of himself…he has a way to go before her really makes it as a leader.

My eye is on Andy. He may not make it to the end, but this guy is brilliant. His youth and lack of experience may be his weak link, but the kid is amazing. Just watch the show and see how his mind works and what he says…He hits the nail on the head every time. A Harvard Grad and winner of the National Debate Championship in Commentary Speaking, Andy co-founded a concert package company that focused on coprorate and individual clients at age 13.Now that’s brilliant!

For more information on The Apprentice, visit The Apprentice 2 at NBC.com. .

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