October 19, 2021

Teleclass Jitters

I will never forget my first taste of a teleclass. It was in 1999 with Jim Vuocolo, over at Coach University and I was freaking out. There were 35 people from all over the world on this telephone line, many of the voices sounded the same, and I was shaking in my boots…afraid I would say the wrong thing, look dumb, and I certainly would not look brilliant.

So…I would sit on the calls and carefully formulate my answers. I would even look in the dictionary for words so that I could sound really smart! At this time, I was working out of a studio in downtown Southern Pines, NC. I was on my 3rd call with Jim, and guess what happened…the 2:00 train to Washington, D.C. came roaring through the middle of town…I was mortified as Jim said “Do I hear a train?” I just knew that everyone could see the 25 shades of red, blue, and purple on my face.

So…needless to say, it was an honor and privelege beyond belief when Dave Buck called to ask me to take over the leading of the Teleclass Leader Training Program. I knew that the teleclass medium would be the medium that would pull me forward in my life, and it happened sooner than I ever imagined. Many people ask how I did it? With a great deal of sweat rolling down my neck and a bottle of Maalox! I am not kidding…I could not get over my jitters, and I am not someone who is easily shaken. I finally realized the solution to my dilemma was simple…Write down my biggest fears and then teach two teleclasses every week for one year so that I could experience all of my fears and overcome them. So…I did! Yep…I had all of the bumps one could have…broken bridge lines, background noise, difficult students, students snapping at each other across the room, questions I could not answer, bridge lines double booked. I had them all, and guess what? I handled them with excellence, and I am alive to talk about it today!

Teleclass Leading is magical. I will be opening a new community for Teleclass Leading this week through Coachville Communities. I will be partnering with Dave Buck and Julia Stewart on this venture. I look so forward to being with the members of the club, as Dave, Julia, and I guide them to becoming masterful with this process. This learning club is going to provide folks from around the blobe with the oppportunity to stretch and grow unlike ever before! It is going to be awesome!.

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