October 24, 2021

Standing for a Transformed World

What does it take for you to stand for a transformed world?

For me, it takes being committed to reinventing and to doing whatever it takes to transform a room, a group of people, or a situation. When I look around the room, and I see people dripping off the walls with sullen faces and a scowl on their brows, I know that it is time for some fun and some jazz! It takes my being willing to be connected and to stand for people forwho they really are and standing for where they are and not being connected to what I think the outcome should be. It requires being outrageous and loving, bold and peaceful, and relentless and working for WIN/WIN.

So…I have some questions:

Who are you willing to become to make huge things happen in this world?

When are you willing to be coachable?

Are you willing to let go of your history to be the person it takes to really make big things happen?

Are you willing to let go of being right, looking good, and being in control in order to WIN?

What conversation (I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough) will you let go of in order to move to a level which will cause transformation in the world?

Think about it! Let me hear from you on what you plan to do to transform this world!.

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