October 19, 2021

Feeling Goosebumps

When was the last time you really dreamed and allowed your creativity to soar to levels that actually made you feel goosebumps?

Go back to the time and visualize what you were doing, how you were feeling, the way your body moved, how you breathed, and what you were thinking. Recapture this time. What images pass through your imagination. What did you say to yourself? How did you feel about yourself and your ideas?

Many people do not see themselves as creative, because they don’t have a big audience. They think that a big creative act is composing a symphony or painting the ceiling of the Systine Chapel. All humans have areas of their lives which boldly express creativity, and they have an uncanny ability to display flair and imagination in areas not considered as creative. This could be the writing of an amazing business plan, engaging in a provocative conversation, delivering a presentation or sales pitch, planting a cutting garden which inspires, or throwing a fabulous dinner party that people talk about for years. Maintaining a narrow view of creativity leads people to conclude that creativity is a rare trait belonging to poets, artists, and geniuses, and I am going to throw a stick of dynamite into this belief right now! WE ARE ALL CREATIVE, AND THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT WE HAVE SHUT DOWN OUR CREATIVITY DUE TO FEAR OF REJECTION AND CRITICISM! IT IS TIME TO TURN ON YOUR CREATIVITY FOR FUN AND PROFIT!

I love visiting New York…it is my favorite city, and I go to get juiced and jazzed. About 3 years ago, I went to New York, and I had the most amazing trip, because it was a very mixed bag of activities. I was with my sister and my son, and we just went with our guts…we saw Lion King, visited the New York City Police Department, saw the Yankees and Red Sox play (that was amazing to watch two groups of Americans ready to choke each other over a baseball game) and the last day of our trip, we visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I had never been, and I have to say…I was totally blown away. I felt every emotion possible…and I was in complete awe. It was after this visit that I knew that I would be enrolling in Coach University, because there was something huge for me to do in the world. It inspired me to take action and to make something incredible happen in the world and in my life. Our environment can inspire us to amazing levels of greatness and call us to take action that we never thought was possible.

What are you doing to stimulate your creativity? Don’t know? Spend a little bit of time today on the website for The Metropolitan Museum of Art or even better…go there! Your creative spirit is the core of your being…use it, and share it with the world starting now..

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