October 24, 2021

Dog Humor

As many of you know, I love dogs! I have two dogs, Max and Rosie, and they live the life of a king and queen. They eat, sleep, go on runs, and my dog’s favourite brand of fun, the highlight of their day is waiting for the UPS man (who comes daily to remind me that I have a shopaholic problem with Amazon.com.) Monday is an especially busy day for them, because we have garbage pick-up, recycling collection, UPS, Mail, and Deb’s Cleaning Service. By the end of Monday, Max and Rosie are spent…exhausted from the stress of the day, so Tuesday is spent in hangover recovery…napping and drinking water.

Max and Rosie are two of the loves of my home, and they are not Westminster material. They are a wonderful Heinz 57 mix, and they are healthy and add so much fun to the lives of my family. So, today…a little humor from the folks over at the Latenight Show with David Letterman.

Top Ten Perks Of Winning The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

10. Winning makes you forget how much you smell like dog

9. He’s been invited to the White House to drink out of the toilet

8. The past 24 hours I’ve eaten so much free dog food it’s silly

7. Mayor Bloomberg has given him special permission to smoke indoors

6. That old slipper Josh chewed on? I just sold it on eBay for $500

5. It’s down to us and that Taco Bell dog for the next “Beethoven” movie

4. We both get $2 off our next flea bath which they also use special Flea combs

3. Fun to call the Red Sox and ask, “So have you ever won anything?”

2. If we’re lucky, a chance to appear on “The Tonight Show”

1. A whole lot of tail

Max, Rosie, and Katie


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