October 19, 2021

Everybody’s Got One

EGOEverybody’s Got One! and it can get us if we let them.

I have been reading quite a bit about the ego lately, and it makes perfect sense to say that the ego is the mask or curtain that hides the amazing light we are all capable of allowing to brighten up this world not just a little bit but a lot. According to Webster, the ego is “the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that serves as the organized conscious mediator between the person and reality especially by functioning both in the perception of and adaptation to reality.” It is the conscious voice of “reason” (I call it distorted chatter) that tells us “Don’t do that…you will look stupid. Or…You can’t do that…you aren’t ready. Or…I know you are going to fail, so don’t try.”

I also believe that the ego is actually not our true selves. The ego, I believe, is the voice of others…telling us we aren’t ready, we aren’t valuable, we won’t make it, we can’t do this or that. It is a form of conditioning that is a thousand years old, and it creates a choke point in the process. When the ego is fully blown up, it can also get really, really ugly…moving from protection to controlling to down right belligerent.

In order to quiet the ego, it is important to be able to quiet the mind. The mind is very clever, and it can remember the worst of us and often ignores the best of us. To get quiet means to completely shut down to the point that the voice inside of you (your spirit or intuition) has a chance to speak. I believe this internal voice is what allows our creativity to soar and for us to be able to design our lives so that they are not only perfect for us but so that they have a postive impact on the world.

I purchased a great book over the week-end-The 72 Faces of God by Yehuda Berg. This book draws on the wisdom of The Kabbalah to provide us with 72 names to use during meditation. I am connecting with this book, because I am also still delving into Christopher Alexander’s A Pattern Language. The meditation which I used yesterday is DNA OF THE SOUL (ALEPF KAF ALEPH.) Here is this name of God’s description:

“Here you receive nothing less than the full impact of the forces of Creation. You restore meaning to the lives that often feel meaningless, and purpose to a world that often appears aimless. Order returns. Structure emerges. Everything is tidied up.”

As I sat yesterday and allowed this to enter my meditation, I began to wonder…”If everyone in the world would meditate on this thought at one time (like grid blogging…grid meditation…I am sure there is a better word for this,) I wonder…”Would order appear in our world of chaos?” Something to meditate on for today, I suppose..

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