October 19, 2021

Big Egos-Big Business

Any idea what Donald Trump carries with him to make him such a huge success? According to a recent article in Psychology Today, it his ability to be a “Productive Narcissist.”

In his book, The Productive Narcissist: The Promise and Peril of Visionary Leadership, Michael Maccoby believes that this type of egotistical behavior is not all that bad. It has given people the edge in business, beacuse they have the freedom from internal constraint, “and this gives them the ability to change the world.”

The Productive Narcissist exhibit amazing “strategic intelligence,” meaning they exhibit foresight and are “systems” thinkers who do not let details bother them, are great motivators, and they know to partner with smart people. It works!

I was intrigued with this concept, so I am now delving deeper. I went online last night and took Maccoby’s assessment. From the looks of my scores, I guess I need to have a talk with Donald. I have been watching The Apprentice to learn more about this man, and to see what it is he does that works. One of the things I am seeing in the show that I do believe and that I find many people do not believe is that elbow grease combined with creative and strategic thinking do pay off. And…that it pays to work as a team and to get your destructive ego out of the way. Very cool program and is filled with some strong business feedback from Trump that I find extremely valuable. It is one reality show that I do feel is worth at least one watch..

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