October 19, 2021

Amy Henry Shines!

As you may know from reading my recent posts, I have been following The Apprentice, a reality television show which will award the “survivor” with Donald Trump’s $250,000.00 job.

Amy Henry, Between Market’s (a business to business software company in Austin, TX,) rising star, is shining brightly. Each week, she continues to be chosen first by the members of the group each time Trump reshuffles the group (Trump feels this has not been a smart move, because the group is telling Trump boldly that Henry is fantastic…so of course, he cannot help but notice her strength.)

Today, ten leadership experts from Joe Moglia (CEO, Ameritrade) to Necole Merrit (Executive, Bell South) to Stephen Covey offer their educated guesses in USA TODAY as to why Henry is emerging as the contestant to beat. We have heard and read these leadership traits over and over again…When are we going to listen? If Henry wins this game, it will be a loud and clear message to the world about what it really takes to be noticed and to be chosen in this competitive and often dog-eat-dog world. Here is what the ten experts say makes Henry the leader of choice:

She is showing the courage to really be herself

She is spiritually sound

She knows when to refrain from speaking and when to speak

She does not alienate others

She has a clear vision

She is a good communicator

She gets things done enthusiastically through people

She has solid character (called moral authority)

She is not catty

She is a hard worker

She is humble

She demonstrates her strengths during team activities

She is a team player and listens to the team leader

She is upbeat and engaged

She makes a graceful transition when moving to the opposing team

She keeps cool and is humorous under pressure

She fosters collaboration

She is serving

She has personal style

She is beautiful both inside and out (Trump’s comment)

To read the full article, enter here. .

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