October 19, 2021

The Top 10 Signs That Teleclasses Have Taken Over Your Life

As one of the Certified Teleclass Leaders with Teleclass.com, I am always looking for ways to spice up the Teleclass Leader Training Program (which I am currently teaching.) I scratched out this top ten today to open tonight’s class, and I found myself being amused! If you attend or lead teleclasses, you will get this top ten. I hope you enjoy!


1. You ruin a New Year’s Eve Party by yelling: “THE BACKGROUND NOISE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! EVERYBODY OUT!”

2. You take the sound of dogs barking and dishes washing VERY PERSONALLY.

3. You take a shower with your headset on.

4. Your favorite shopping outing is to the telephone section of STAPLES.

5. You answer your home phone by saying “What brought you to the call today?”

6. You equate success with the number of bridge lines a person owns.

7. People ask you for your telephone number, and you rattle of your favorite bridge line.

8. Your ear has a permanent indentation from your phone receiver.

9. Your family calls into your teleclass to tell you “Dinner is Ready!”

10. You spend an hour writing The Top Ten Signs That Teleclasses Have Taken Over Your Life (Humor).

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