October 19, 2021

The Art of Selling-Praise for Adding Value

I have just completed my 12 week module for Advanced Selling, by Brian Tracy, with Nightingale Conant. The transformation which has happened for me is incredible. I never knew that there was truly an art to selling…that the steps are subtle yet bold, curious and graceful, and in the end…persistent and confident. However, I have learned from this that the biggest part of the selling process is showing how you can add value to the life of a buyer or his/her company by developing a close and lasting relationship.

I had the opportunity to meet many amazing people over the last two weeks through the Legacy Training Program. The biggest gift that I received was an internal knowing of the value which I add to the lives of others. I tell you this to invite you today to consider the amazing value you add to others and to the world. What is it about you that is awesome that you are pretending not to know? What is it that you are hiding which could make the difference between your being successful and being unstoppable?

For me, it is this simple. I have 44 years of wisdom inside of me from the life experiences I have been gifted. Yes…gifted. I was given a wonderful mind and family, and I was also tossed the curve balls of Katie’s leukemia (which she did survive) and a few years of hard knocks with friends who turned out to be not so friendly. I do not share these incidents, because they are “stories.” They appear boring and poses me as a victim (which I am doing my best to move away from.) Rather, I share these lessons I have learned, because they are worth sharing…I now know that they add value to the lives of others. I also know that by sharing myself with others, it is possible to develop a relationship with someone on an emotional level. This person may or may not become my client, and that is not the point. The point is that my life experiences, not my accolades, are what make another person feel he or she can trust me.

The lessons I have learned from my life are now clear, and I will be sharing these with you as I continue to blog. Today, I will share one with you which I feel is so important to our success and happiness in life.

My daughter Katie is an amazing woman (her sister Ann and Jack are as well, and you will hear me talk about them more later.) Her 3 years of leukemia treatment were dark…not knowing what was to happen and completely changing our lifestyle made me wonder if we would ever get back to the life we once had. What I have now realized is that we cannot go back to “what was before.” We have to wake up each day and declare that our life is now new…that the events of our lives have changed the context in which we live. This can be a fabulous gift if we view it this way. It is actually a free pass to wake up each day and start again, committed to growing and learning and loving and living life to its fullest. Katie’s illness was indeed a gift to all of us. It changed the way our family lived from doing, doing, doing to being close and supportive. It has made Katie such a compassionate young woman, and everyone in our family reaches out to those in need. It has made us tough as nails…we all feel we can do anything, because we kept Katie alive.

I ask you today to use the comment link below to share your stories with me. I look forward to making the connection for a long and lasting relationship. Here’s to life!.

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